Discovery Retay Technology

Our focus is on solving shoting challenges with cutting-edge solutions that amaze users

Inertia Plus Locking System™
No More Click, Just Pull It
Patented Inertia Plus™ Bolt System
Always In Battery, Always Ready To Perform
US PATENT 9.995.542 - the Inertia Plus™ bolt is only available from RETAY. Its been called the most significant advancement in the inertia action in 50 years! Inertia Plus™ actively rotates the bolt head into battery and keeps it there; every time, under all conditions.

No More Click.
Removable Trigger System™
The New Ruler of Innovation
Push Button Removable Trigger Group
Quick and Easy Cleaning Even In The Field
The Masai Mara’s proprietary Removable Trigger System™ is a revolution in gun safety and maintenance.

• Milled from block aluminium and so simple to assemble and disassemble without the need for tools.
• Simply push and remove the trigger group for quick and easy cleaning and safer gun storage.
Push Button Removable Trigger Group
Quick and Easy Cleaning Even In The Field
The removable trigger™ comes with new features in shotguns.
Take the trigger group out and keep the gun safe in bar or living room. Besides the cross safety system of gun, you can use this new easy and safe feature with peace of mind. Out & Safe.

The patent pending removable ejector is an innovation that makes disassembly and cleaning easy to accomplish at home or in the field.
The Masai Mara Shotguns Feature Marabored™ Barrel Technology Monoblock Bohler Steel,
Precision drilled and chrome lined, with dimensions optimised for superior patterns.
Marabored Barrel Technology
The precision drilled Marabored barrel is designed to shoot comfortably and pattern superbly with both light and heavy loads. Better pattern quality, consistent pattern distribution and efficiency are achieved through a combination of extended forcing cone and optimized bore diameter.
With contributions of kinetic drive inertial system and aesthetic design it’s the best combination between weight and balance. The grip and forehand is designed with ergonomic and comfort lines to place your hand. It gives an extra control on gun in shooting.
We created the Interchangeable high-tech 7cm long Marapro chokes™ to have better shots pattern and optimization of barrel weight. It gives better performance on pattern.

★★ -IM-
★★★ -M-
★★★★ -IC-
★★★★★ -C-

We engineered the interchangeable MaraPro Chokes to maximize the constancy of shot placement through reduced friction that enhances load speeds.

A combination of Traditional
Luxury and High-Tech Design
The recoil pad is designed for comfort and fast shouldering with high-tech microcell material mated with the most popular brand name camouflage patterns on the market. It’s not only a shotgun, it’s a luxury
All Masai Mara 3.5" Chambered Shotguns are available in the most popular brand name camouflage patterns on the market. The socks come with a full complement of adjustment shims and plates making the stocks fully adjustable for your perfect fit.
The Masai Mara is mated with beautiful hand oiled Turkish walnut selected from among thousands of walnut ingots then machined using high-tech CNC lathes before being hand sanded to achieve the best surface and oiled for a rich luster. It’s not only a shotgun, it’s an experience
A special trigger group design and larger loading port offers an easy loading
Steel shot shotgun type testing 12GA
Each gun is subjected to test 1500 bar high pressured special test cartridges then it’s marking and sending to functionality test steps.
What's in the case